Workplace Bullying and Harassment Prevention (In-House Course)

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It is getting increasingly difficult to separate work life from personal life. Technology and social media have helped blur the lines between when work finishes and personal life starts. Online communication platforms mean people are connected 24/7. For people with harassment and bullying behavioural tendencies there are increasingly subtle opportunities to target their victims.

Instances of bullying and harassment behaviour are on the rise in the New Zealand workplace. Keeping our workplace harassment and bullying free is a team effort. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring their workplace environment is not a place where unacceptable behaviour towards groups or individuals is tolerated. Everyone must have a practical understanding of their organisations harassment and bullying prevention policy and procedures and an awareness of the legislative requirements around unacceptable behaviour.


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We will cover:

  • The human impact of unacceptable behaviour
  • The increasingly complexity of the NZ workplace
  • The various types of harassment and bullying behaviours
  • The legislative requirements around harassment and bullying behaviours (Human Rights Act, Employment Relations Act, Health and Safety at Work Act)
  • Case studies from the NZ workplace
  • Dealing with allegations of harassment and bullying
  • Strategies for day to day prevention of harassment and bullying behaviour in our workplace
  • The importance of positive workplace culture in preventing unacceptable behaviour

That all seems quite theoretical but it is not as bad as it sounds. The course content is very much focussed on frontline staff and the impact that bullying and harassment behaviour can have on individuals and their wider whanau. It is an interactive session not a lecture.

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