PeopleSafe Software (Small Business up to 20 Staff)

$99.00 Excl. GST

Your Peoplesafe software subscription partnered with the Workplace Learning set-up and support package will transform your safety culture by engaging your whole team in managing risk.

PeopleSafe software provides:

  • Incident reporting and investigation
  • Risk management through safety plans
  • Mobile App to use PeopleSafe on the go
  • Gear and equipment management
  • Learning Management System for you training and skills
  • Document section to store all your health and safety information
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PeopleSafe is a New Zealand designed and delivered health and safety software solution that helps you transform your safety culture. Most importantly it involves everyone in managing risk and keeping everyone safe. The Workplace Learning Support Team will:

  1. Meet with you and discuss how PeopleSafe can transform your approach to managing risk in your workplace
  2. Look at your existing health and safety information and processes and assess how best to integrate it into your site
  3. Work with you to create your site and populate it with your information (additional set-up and training package)
  4. Provide ongoing content support to help you and your team get the best out of your PeopleSafe site.
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