Office Fire and Earthquake Response (Public Course)

$50.00 Excl. GST

This is a one hour facilitated course that uses video’s and discussion to explore ways we can prevent fire in our workplace and respond successfully if one does break out. We also take a practical look at earthquake preparedness and response. There is a course assessment as part of this training. The public course price is for an individual attendee in one session. It includes video presentation, facilitation, written assessments and course certificates.

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An office fire can spread quickly and cause damage and endanger lives. We can minimise the risk of fire and harm by planning for fire emergencies. This course looks ways of preventing fires breaking out in the workplace. It also covers off responding to the fire, using extinguishers and evacuations. It is perfect for staff inductions, emergency warden training (and refreshers) and general staff training. We take a practical look at preparing for and responding to earthquakes in the workplace.


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