Health and Safety Upgrade (Medium Business)

$800.00 Excl. GST

A health and safety upgrade for a medium size business can be completed in around a week.

We will:

  • analyse your current policies and procedures
  • Discuss with you where the areas of opportunity are
  • Update your health and safety policies and procedures

Option – Sign-up to a Health and Safety Support Subscription for only $100 per month plus gst and we will keep your policies and procedures up to date as part of our support services.

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Health and Safety Upgrade – Medium Business (20 to 99 people)

Our health and safety policies and procedures are supposed to tell the story of how we get the job done safely. Sometimes our health and safety manuals become something that is not connected the everyday activity in our organisation.

If we are unsure if our health and safety framework is up to scratch then book a health and safety upgrade conversation with the Workplace Learning Team. We make sure you have everything you need to have a health and safety manual that is a great fit for the size and risk profile of your organisation.

There is no charge or obligation for our first catch-up with you to discuss your needs.

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